The decision for a roof window has long-term consequences, therefore, Roto sets new standards in terms of tightness, easy installation and aesthetics.

Easy to install, handle and maintain, Roto roof windows gets high technical values, providing increasingly high comfort.

For the roof window installation you must take into account: the number of windows you need, depending on the type of room, the amount of natural light and the optimal ventilation required in the disposed space. To get the optimal amount of natural light, glass surface must represent at least 10% of the floor area. Other factors to consider are the symmetry, overall appearance of the attic and access to the desired view.

Roof slope also influence the choice for the roof windows, the higher the slope is, the window length should be smaller and vice versa, in order to get optimum comfort.

We leave the installation of Roto roof windows to the professionals in the roofing trade. In order to advise your customers optimally and inspire them about Roto’s products, we provide you here with information and tools.



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