German made ” warranty

An experience for over 4 decades in the production of roof windows, marked by continuous innovations and undeniable experience in the field, makes ROTO a straight provider. In support of these claims we ask you to review the most important aspects in characterizing Roto products, giving you the convenience and the benefits of a 100% German system:

    1. It’s German Designed Roto has been manufacturing roof windows for over 40 years. Respected as a creditable supplier throughout the rest of Europe, Roto is now bringing both quality and uniqueness to the Romanian market.
    2. Supplied Fully AssembledUnlike other roof windows, Roto roof window is supplied with the required the brackets already pre-fitted, therefore making installation both easier and quicker. You simply “take the window straight out of the box and into the roof”.
    3. Hinged at the Top-third – Rotooriginalsolution Unlike a traditional centre pivot window, which when opened causes the whole of the top half of the window to protrude straight back into the living space, a Roto Series 7 window is uniquely hinged at the Top-third of the frame. This allows for much greater headroom as well as giving a full unobstructed view.
    4. Easily Operated With Just One Handle A Roto window is operated by just one handle at the bottom of the window.
    5. Innovative Accessories and Options A whole range of accessories enhance the Roto window. These include a wide range of blinds and sun screens through to a conservation style and various glazing options. In addition, there are a number of flashing options which are suitable for every tile type as well as combination sets.