Premium quality, professional workmanship, perfection in technology and design. That’s what Roto stands for as a professional’s brand for roof windows. Rotosatisfiesthe mostexacting demands:

Range supply: Roto roof windows are available in many sizes and openings. Each window can be combined with any other Roto model.

Innovation and design: Special design, different materials and Roto resourcefulness will make the rooms become an attraction. The roof windows have a lightweight construction that provides excellent interior design and allows significantly increase the natural lighting in your home.

Guaranteed quality: Condensation is one of the main enemies of the roof window, so Roto offers the ideal solution for bathrooms and kitchens: PVC version. This material convinces not only by the fact that it is 100% recyclable, but also because it is easy to clean.

Safety and reliability: Each roof window has a centralized fasten in 3 or 4 points, ensuring an enclosure and isolated sealed, regardless the weather conditions. This mechanism allows auto insurance for window cleaning position. With this cleaning position the window’s can be done without any danger.

Simple and convenient: The handle located at the bottom of the window for all Roto roof windows, makes them simple to operate. Double bleeding, integrated gives extra comfort Roto offers both manual and electrical accessories